If you have any needs or preferences for unloading the unit, we will be pleased to coordinate your needs to our delivery preparations.

From truck bed to lifting lugs, or any other detail that may facilitate delivery and installation, we strive to make your installation as incident-free as possible.

After final inspection, our 60-ton bridge crane assures safe  loading and stable positioning on the truck bed for maximum transportation safety. We can also arrange loading time to correspond to light traffic hours for a hassle-free delivery.

Delivery times

Generally, our delivery times are the shortest in the industry.

Vibra-Sil has a proven record of on-time delivery without compromise on quality, reliability and manufacturing practices.

Specialized in custom manufacturing for over 20 years, our normal delivery time is 6-8 weeks after receiving written approval of drawings/release to production.

Before an order is released for production, we will already have verified and confirmed that the required materials and equipment are available from the specified suppliers and that plant scheduling is penciled in for the project.

Delivery Illustration

Vibra-Sil overhead bridge

Preparing for delivery

Lug detail

Custom lifting lug, removable after installation.