Word from the President

From our beginnings, over 20 years ago, we were resolute to offer better enclosures, designed and built to custom specifications, with superior functionality, greater economic advantages and higher energy efficiency.

The challenge was to design and build innovative custom solutions to a broad spectrum of specific needs.

Our efforts were aimed at noise control, air quality and security. These virtues have now become social and environmental impera­tives.

Our innovative approach to custom housings has expanded client demand for a broader range of enclosures with the Vibra-Sil hallmarks of efficiency and security.

The era of great inventions has now passed and more than ever, innovation is a participative effort.

With years of valued customer input and our specialized groups contributing to the design and technical know-how, Vibra-Sil has become a world leader in custom-built steel enclosures for Air Treatment, High Power Generator, Hazardous Materials and Switchgear enclosures.

Now, more than ever, Vibra-Sil can respond to your needs and provide efficient solutions for self-contained custom enclosures, adapted to climate extremes and high security requirements.

Jacques Guilbault