The art of silence...

Vibra-sil is the manufacturing and research division of a full service industrial group, specialized in producing sound attenuated custom steel enclosures and gensets.

Vibra-Sil has been meeting the growing needs of industry for over 20 years to become one of the leading custom builders of specialty steel enclosures for industrial, commercial and institutional uses.

From downtown rooftops to industrial parks to excavation and mining sites, Vibra-Sil provides top performance in security and custom functionality.

The design and marketing groups share a substantial and valuable base of knowledge, proficiency, methods and resources that benefit each client.

  • SonoShield - the standard for packaged generator enclosure design and manufacturing.
  • Kite - specialists in air treatment and air handling systems.
  • StoXcell - temporary storage for hazardous materials.
  • GenRes - Free standing diesel fuel reservoirs and secondary confinement sub base fuel reservoirs.
  • Electro-BloC - switchgear and electrical distribution.
  • CITADEL - the ultimate multi-function shelter.

Research and development

Ever increasing requirements in noise control regulations require top performance in sound and vibration attenuation. Custom design and manufacturing provide the best solutions these needs.

Research and Development is ongoing at Vibra-Sil with our own, in-house, state of the art, sound attenuation testing facilities.

Vibra-Sil can consistently provide noise attenuation to 45 dBA or better, actual readings, at 5 meters on the entire perimeter of a custom enclosure.


Emergency backup power installation
for Airline Head Office

SonoShield GENSET

SonoShield stationary genset housing, interior view


Manufacturing standards are controlled at each step to insure that construction and performance meet the most demanding requirements.

Beyond our own rigorous standards, Vibra-Sil custom units are built to prescribed local codes and to specifications that include installed equipment, dimensions, positions, doors, ducts, cutouts, raceways, internal loads, and all other specifications required for your project. 

Custom electrical installation

Custom designed and built air intake
acoustic baffles with motorized louvers.

Ultra high performance ISO container genset