Citadel can be a virtual fortress to provide maximum protection from the elements, from theft, vandalism and other attempts at sabotage or acts of destruction..and high tech eavesdropping

Safety and Security, high-level data protection and communications, are major concerns that encompass a broad spectrum of scenarios, from vandalism, sabotage, blast, seismic and fire protection, etc.

In stand-alone structures, Citadel outclasses all other building types in security and protection. A virtual Faraday cage, CITADEL protects from lightning, EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).

From intake air treatment and HEPA filtration to Data Backup or simple storage space, a CITADEL unit can provide the necessary security.  

Insulated with double-walled steel, providing protection against electronic, laser and other eavesdropping techniques.

CITADEL can work with clients to provide additional Faraday Cage protection when required.




CITADEL units are impervious to water penetration. The mould and the cracks, the splitting and open joints that distress cement block and concrete structure integrity in extreme temperatures and weather conditions are non-issues with a CITADEL.

For resistance, ruggedness and security, CITADELís all steel construction outperforms wood or composite materials in all respects.