The box and the contents

SonoShield offers a complete service for design and manufacturing stationary and mobile genset enclosures for virtually any backup or emergency power requirement.

From basic drop-overs to fully wired and cabled stationary enclosures, we can build in all of the required functionality and interface with the exterior for a fast on site installation and efficient long term service.

New generation sound controls

From transfer path analysis to classic noise attenuation techniques, SonoShield has innovated to provide unparalleled sound proofing with innovations in structural sound controls.

Design assistance

To best meet your requirements and assure a successful project, SonoShield offers the know-how and the technology assistance for a wholly integrated solution for your project.

With over 20 years experience and the shared pool of expertise from other Vibra-Sil specialty divisions, you can expect the highest level of assistance from SonoShield.

Direct solutions, efficient solutions

SonoShield offers integrated solutions to assure conformity, functionality connectivity, security efficiency, and economy.

From spec sheet to delivery, a project manager follows your project throughout the production cycle.

Safety and security

Made for year-round service in all climates, galvanealed steel,  stainless, aluminum or architecturally matched siding finish, weather-proof units can be built to withstand temperature extremes (-40˚C to +50˚C), resist hurricane winds and earthquakes, and protect from theft, vandalism and other attempts at sabotage or acts of destruction.

A sound investment

Perhaps no other category of housing requires a more focused attention to noise reduction than gensets.

SonoShield Walk-in

Recessed on three sides, this attenuated walk-in testifies to its sound proofing and passes the supreme test against reverberation.
It is also subject to tunneling winds, temperature variations from -40˚C to +50˚C, rain, sleet and snow storms.

The Vibra-Sil sound attenuation expertise can provide virtually noise-free installations.

In the field of sound, we have developed attenuation that, to our knowledge and that of our clients, surpasses attenuation limits for genset housings, achieving noise levels to  45 dBA, at 5 meters (15 ft.) on the entire perimeter of the enclosure —and we are working hard on improving that further.