StoXcell custom HazMat enclosures offer a superior degree of protection for spill prevention and containment.

Stability, ruggedness, weather resistance, physical resistance and good design are the front line protection for Hazardous Materials.

In addition to the mechanical and physical solutions, we offer the electronic monitoring installation necessary to provide full spectrum protection:

  • Seismic tie down pads
  • Tie down lugs
  • Anti-vibration platforms
  • Stainless steel spill sumps
  • Heavy duty adjustable shelving
  • Spill detection and alarm systems.

Recyclables and temporary storage

For temporary storage of used oil products, your StoXcell enclosure can be equipped with a GenRes reservoir or secondary confinement reservoir for added security and ease of transfer.

Custom upright reservoir with
overfill alarm.

Stainless steel spill sumps

Temperature Control & Ventilation

Sprinkler System