Custom StoXcell enclosures can be designed for uses that go well beyond storage.

Versatility of cells

The name StoXcell is based on the custom capabilities of our HazMat housings.
A StoXcell housing can be made of several isolated cells each for a specific purpose.

Isolated cells allow stocking incompatible materials from virtually all HazMat classifications in one location.

Typically, a community HazMat depot, such as the StoXcell unit on the introduction page, will contain several different cells for the variety of materials they will protect.

Some cells may be temperature controlled to protect from freezing, others cooled to prevent fume evaporation, some blast protected.

Storage and beyond

StoXcell enclosures are designed for numerous uses which go beyond simple storage.

  • explosion rated paint kitchens,
  • mixing rooms, pumping stations,
  • chemical distribution centers
  • hazardous waste accumulation collectors,

Comprehensive solutions

StoXcell units can be equipped to virtually any lighting, heating, ventilation, electrical and shelving requirement.

Essential safety measures are met with fire ratings to 4 hours, body showers, eye rinses, detectors and extinguishers.

Cells for combustible, flammable and oxidizing materials can be equipped with independent spill detection, fire alarms and extinguisher systems.

A StoXcell design can provide comprehensive solutions for virtually any HazMat requirement.


Mixing and distribution.

Single Cell Temperature Controlled Unit