Labeled UL #142 for both US and Canadian listings, GenRes tanks provide an above ground Secondary Containment System and sub-base for diesel engine generators for storage up to 5000 gallons, 6000 USG,
(22,730 litres). 

With provisions for monitoring the secondary containment space for leakage, each custom-built tank is manufactured to comply with the following specifications:

  • Each tank is double walled
  • Primary tanks and secondary tanks are fabricated with 1/4 inch thick steel for generators up to 45000 lbs.
  • Structural steel sides and ends.
  • Leak tested at UL-142 standards.
  • Primary tank has a minimum of 1 baffle located between the pick-up and the return fittings.
  • Custom Manufacturing for specific needs is made to
    comply with, or surpass UL listing specifications.
  • Custom/Standard configurations:
  • Fuel Level Alarms.
  • Removable stub up end cap.
  • Standard Fittings
  • Secondary containment emergency vent
  • minimum 12x12 stub-up area